Texas Heat Rising

What happens after Happily Ever After fades away…

   Jaden, found her prince charming in Damien Kentrell. He swore to love her until the stars fell from the heavens, she was his moon, stars, sun, his whole world, but he never promised not to forget about her along the way. Caught up in making his ranch a success, Damien began spending more time with his horses and making money then with the woman he fell in love with. Eleven years after they said I do, Jaden has had enough, taking their three children, she leaves after he breaks his latest promise. She is tired of competing with the horses, he is always so busy with. As an up and coming artist in her own right, she understands the pressures to succeed, but she cannot stand the idea that with Damien, she and their children come second in his life to making money. She would prefer to go back to when they had less money and more happiness. What good is money, if it only brings misery?

   Damien is shocked to find an empty house and soon realizes that Jaden is serious about ending their marriage, if he doesn’t change his ways. When she refuses to return home, he is faced with the fact that he has created a huge divide in their family and he has two choices, cross it, or let it stand between them. Unwilling to give up on his family, Damien has too find a way to make things work with not only his children, but with the woman he loves with all his heart.

   Now, he just needs to figure out how to cross that Great Divide and get his family back! 

Across the Great


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