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The warrior Fehu, Princess of the light elven people, has lived her entire life inside a magickal crystal sphere to protect her from the Goddess Hela. She must guard her piece of the key that will unlock the chains holding the God Fenrir prisoner. If the chains are released, then Hela and her army of Hel-Hoard will bring about Ragnarök.  

Now, with her world destroyed, she is thrust upon a journey with the Demi-God Wolfric, a wolf shifter from Jötunheim, whom she has lost her heart to. She must get the key at any cost and get it to her mother. But can she betray him and his people, to save her family and the world her family lives in? 

Demi-God and Harrow warrior Ekkehard Wolfric, who was cursed by the God Loki long before his birth, has hurt or lost everyone he has ever cared for. He refuses to take any more chances with other people’s lives, especially that of another mate.

Banished by his Gräfin Saoirse Jäger to the frozen lands of modern-day Alaska, he is happy in his solitude. That is until the Norns decided to thrust a new mate his way and place him on a journey that could lead to total Desolation or complete Elation…

Will they Elation or Desolation?

Only the Gods know for sure!


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Internationally acclaimed author Treasa Klöth, the creator of Immortal MacKinnon’s, Texas Heat Rising, and the newly introduced Harrow series is a native of South Western Michigan and a graduate of Western Michigan University. Majoring in History and communication, she enjoys all aspects of the past, but especially living history.  Klöth loves to feel like a part of former times  as she participates in various Renaissance Faires and Festivals throughout Michigan, when she is not busy writing her adventurous, yet touching, romance novels. For some of these upcoming events, view her calendar or like her on social media. You can also find a list of her various novels, all available on Amazon and soon to be featured on Barnes and Noble, in the books tab.


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