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Home for the Holidays

The moment Quinton Taylor laid eyes on the lovely Lea, he’s intrigued and enchanted. Not usually one to believe in love at first sight, Quinn quickly realizes that she is the one woman he has been looking for without knowing it. He had sworn off relationships after his divorce, but now he’ll go to any lengths to woo her and gain not only her trust… and that of her adorable, skittish daughter, Chloe. Quinn wants to make Lea and her two daughters his forever, as he quickly loses this heart to the trio.

Leanna Harper is returning home after leaving a nightmare of a marriage. She has sworn off men and relationships forever. However, she hadn’t expected the type of man who lived next door or her meddling mother to interfere in her life. Soon she learns to trust Quinn, as he sweeps her off her feet in this whirlwind holiday romance. Follow along with this exciting new holiday romance that is the second story in the Detroit Holiday Trilogy!

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For one day, Jordan gets a chance to play Cinderella and step out of her life of obligation and hard work at the homeless shelter she runs in downtown Detroit. But never did she expect to meet Prince Charming at the benefit ball.

Happy to stay out of the spot light, Jordan was reluctant to even attend the event. When she is thrust into a bachelorette auction, to be sold to the highest bidder, she is relieved when Sebastian Walsh outbids everyone else to save her. However, she soon realizes that unlike Cinderella, there is no glass slipper or fairy God mother. She is quickly swept off her feet and into a fairy tale romance by Sebastian, the son of the shelter’s wealthy benefactors.

A confirmed bachelor, Sebastian is forced to attend the charity ball his mother and sister’s throw every year to benefit a local shelter. Usually, he would write a check and get out of making an appearance, but this year his mother insists that he attend. When she introduces him to the beautiful and shy woman who runs the shelter, he is more than intrigued to say the least. Soon he realizes that this young woman is nothing like the women he is used to dating. She is honest, caring, and generous beyond words.

Quickly, both Jordan and Sebastian find themselves swept completely off their feet, in a whirl wind winter romance. Read along with this heart-warming story of love, caring, and giving, for this holiday season!    

The Christmas Gift