The Immortal MacKinnons

In a world where men ruled by the might of their swords, and took what they wanted by brute strength, only one woman did not fear them. Raised, to be equal, if not a better warrior then any she faced. Kandra would bow to no man.

     When Scottish bandits attacked her village, Kandra knew they must be brought to justice. Chasing them across into the Border Lands of Scotland, she mistook a group of Scotsmen for the bandits, and attacked.

      Laird Lachlan MacKinnon, War chief to the mighty MacKinnon clan, is always up for a good fight, Lachlan meet the men in battle. He notices they are led by a young English lad and decides to teach him a lesson he shan't soon forget. Lachlan quickly realize that the lad is a better warrior then he thought. He must end the battle without hast, or risk killing him.  Once the lad is defeated and removes his helmet, Lachlan is shocked to discover, a beautiful lass beneath. He believes that the Gods have answered his prayers to refill his depleted coffers. He decides to hold the beauty for ransom.

      Kandra refuses to be a submissive captive and fights the roguishly handsome Laird at every turn. Even as she begins falling under his charming spell, she refuses to bow to his will. Before she knows it, she has made a deal with the devil, in exchange for her brother’s freedom. Lachlan, cannot get the beautiful golden haired temptress out of his mind. He will agree to anything, but her freedom, to have her for his own.

      They will fight for dominance at every turn, but they will only surrender to a passion that allows them both to win at love. Follow along, for the exciting beginning of the Immortal MacKinnons, and see where the magick leads…. Because Fortune Only Assists the Daring!!!

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