The Harrow
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     Archaeologist Dr. Evony Stark is an expert in all thing concerning Ancient Germanic history and cultures. Her interest comes from her Grandfather who was also a professor of Germanic history. Before he died he gave Evony a medallion, that she had seen him wear her entire life.  Unbeknownst to her it is a key that can help to unlock the gates of Helheim and release not only the Hel-Hoarde, but also the Goddess Hela herself, setting into motion Ragnarök and destroy the entire world. In order, to do that the Goddess Hela, needs not only the key, but the blood of guardian of the key to activate it.   

    Only one man can stop this from happening: The Great Chieftain of the North, Brauneber, member of the Horrow. He is a man who trusts very few in his life outside of his brothers and few select Harrow members. He most especially distrusts women, as it was a woman who caused his downfall and eventually his death. Now he must travel through time, to obtain the key and keep the guardian of the key out of the hands of Hela. At all cost he must stop Ragnarök for beginning. Even if it means killing the woman himself. Will he choose Salvation or Damnation? Only the Gods know for sure!