Whispering Creek


Michael Sullivan has loved Jamie Coulter nearly their entire lives, and has sworn to always protect her, even if it means from himself. With the ghosts of his tragic past haunting him, though her loves her, he is terrified of hurting Jamie, so his only option is to run away, but his honor keeps him watching over her, and protecting her. When fate intervenes, and they end up together, his ghost rise from the past to tear them apart and he runs away once more to protect her. Jamie is left heart broken, but discovers she has a secret that she will protect and keep from Michael at all cost. Five year later Michael is forced to return to Whispering only to discover Jamie in a serious relationship with the town sheriff and she has a child! His question is who is little Maggie’s father? Is it the town Sheriff, his cousin, or his? Now, he must decide if he loves her enough to finally bury those, ghost and have a life with her, or walk away. When he finally discovers the truth of who the child’s father is, he is furious and forces her to marry him, because he refuses to lose her. Things only get worse as she rebels against his hold on her and fights to gain her freedom and keep herself from falling back in love with Michael Sullivan. Read along and fall in love with Whispering Creek!

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